Interview with Noureddine - Shippr delivery partner

"Above all, there is a human side to Shippr. The team really listens to the problems we encounter in our business. At the beginning, I was a novice in this business. I didn't know much about the delivery business. With Shippr, I gained experience and expertise."
At the heart of the delivery profession

"I knew I wanted to start my own business".

In 2020, I knew that I was certain of only one thing: I wanted to start and run my own business. I got my professional haulage qualification and once I had my haulage licence, I started my business. Since then, I have grown my company and I now employ an employee at weekends.


What do I like most about my job? Above all, the freedom. In terms of organisation, working hours and assignments, you are completely free and that is important. With my former partners, they were more like daily contracts. So from 9am to 5pm for example. Here with Shippr, it's a race. It's up to us to pick up, but also up to us to choose our races. So we can manage our schedule as we wish and I like that.

In terms of challenges...

Of course, there are also challenges. For example, it is difficult to plan one's work schedule well in advance when one is self-employed. Sometimes there is work in the morning, but not in the afternoon. Some days are full, others less so. So you can never plan too much.

Another hazard of the job can be the location. For example, when you want to work in the center of Paris, it is difficult, especially with the restrictions of vehicle or traffic jams.

The collaboration with Shippr

One word? Precious!

I would describe my collaboration with Shippr as valuable. There is a real human side to Shippr, a real ability to listen to the problems we encounter in our business. Whatever the concern, whether it is with the customer who ships or the one who receives, there is immediate support and collaboration from the team. Especially when a trader complains, we are also affected, because if Shippr no longer delivers to that customer, it means one less customer and one less delivery. Everyone is connected. That's why listening to and reporting back to Shippr from partner delivery companies is extremely important.

What also makes the difference for me is that Shippr is only for professionals. Professionals in terms of customers who have delivery needs, but also and above all, transport professionals. This specificity allows us to provide a quality service and to reduce the risk of unhappy customers. And this is important to me.

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"The best application in terms of ergonomics and information

The Shippr application is the best in my opinion in terms of ergonomics and information. Especially since Shippr has developed a lot since its beginning. In 2020, it was a rather "classic" application that has evolved a lot in 2 years. Moreover, I have provided feedback that they have directly taken into account.  

A working relationship that lasts until now

When I passed my professional transport qualification, I met the head of the training centre. In fact, he was in contact with Shippr. He told me about it and once I got my licence and set up my company, he put me in touch directly. And it's a working relationship that lasts until now. With Shippr, I even made a delivery to the Elysée Palace.

Any advice? 

"You won't regret it!"

If I had to give one piece of advice to those who are hesitating to become a Shippr partner, I would tell them that they won't regret it! Shippr is serious and professional. And in my opinion, if you want to be a professional in the transportation business, you have to work with professionals. At first, I was a novice in this business. I didn't know much about the delivery business. With Shippr, I gained experience and expertise.

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For those who have taken the plunge and are about to make their first delivery with Shippr, I would say that they will have no difficulty using the application. Even if it's their first time. It's easy to use and very intuitive. Everything is smooth and it is complete. You have all the information you need and even details when it's more specific locations, the phone number in case of problems, etc.