Creating delivery experiences throughout Europe

What could modern logistics look like?

While digital technology is exploding in many sectors, the world of logistics is still at the dawn of this revolution. The customer experience is suffering, whereas it should be put at the heart of the business. Shippr has made this its leitmotiv: to develop technology to make logistics simple and efficient for everyone.

Driven by our values

Be bold, think big
At Shippr, we are open to positive change and have the courage to take risks to achieve ambitious goals. We set the bar high and challenge ourselves to achieve even higher levels of success.
Be open, honest and transparent
We encourage integrity through open and honest dialogue and promote a culture of respect and collaboration. Transparency in our actions and decisions ensures that everyone understands the reasoning behind them.
Start small, then scale up.
Our startup experience has taught us the importance of being flexible and adaptable in an unpredictable business environment. We take measured, incremental steps to achieve our goals and continually learn from our failures to ensure our long-term success.
Look to the future and never settle for less
Our vision, constant innovation and commitment to excellence are at the heart of our business. We embrace change by being proactive in seeking new opportunities, and we continually strive to grow and improve in all aspects of our business.
Measure our success by the success of our employees, customers and suppliers.
We prioritize the success and well-being of all our stakeholders and recognize that their achievements are critical to the success of our business. We aim to inspire a culture of collaboration, mutual benefit and a service-oriented approach to work.

A seven-year history already

Creation of Shippr in Belgium
Product launch
10,000 deliveries
Shippr is launched in France
+300% growth
Recruitment of numerous team members
2 million euros of fund raising
10 million euros in fundraising
Launch of Shippr in the UK

Challenges, ambition and fun.
What if you were our new talent?

Working together