Master HACCP: Decoding your food safety plan

Set up your HACCP plan easily with our comprehensive guide
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Excel in implementing your HACCP plan

Restaurateurs, caterers, food experts - you face the challenge of combining quality with strict safety standards. Implementing HACCP can seem complex and time-consuming. But what if you had a complete tool to demystify this method?

In this guide, discover :

  • HACCP explained, from its inception to its objectives
  • The 7 principles and 12 steps for implementing your HACCP plan (+ case studies)
  • HACCP software

The advantages of this guide

Download your HACCP guide pdf
Save time and expertise with the HACCP guide

Get all the information you need in a single guide to effectively implement HACCP in your company. In addition to theory, this guide provides useful tips and case studies to help you put a sanitary control plan into practice in your specific context.

Boost your customers' confidence by guaranteeing safety

By applying the HACCP approach through the guide's practical advice and case studies, you can guarantee hazard control and food safety. As well as helping to motivate and engage your team, you'll also reinforce your company's image with your customers in terms of product quality and safety.

Technology for greater efficiency

The guide also offers recommendations on HACCP software that can facilitate the implementation of this method. To save time, increase productivity and reduce errors, choose from the various software packages listed.